Agreement 4

Mission & Vision. 4

Mission Rules. 4

Operational Rules. 4

Seasons: 4

1.       ON-SEASON.. 4

2.       OFF-SEASON: 4

Usage: 5

1.       ON-SEASON.. 5

2.       OFF-SEASON.. 5

1.0 Site Registration & General Rules: 5

1.1 Visitors/Overnight Guests: 5

2.0 Applying to Lease a Trailer Lot. 6

3.0 Term, Payment, & Fees. 6

3.1 Term of Lot Lease. 6

3.2 Fees. 6

3.3 Overdue fees. 6

3.4 Accounts in Arrears. 6

4.0 Transferring Lots/Selling Trailers/New Trailers & Lot Use Policy. 6

4.1 Ending a Lease: 6

4.2 Selling/Moving a Trailer into the Park or Onto a Different Lot. 7

4.2 Selling a trailer to an outside buyer. 7

4.3 Multiple Lots. 7

4.4 Multi-RV Restrictions. 7

4.5 Subletting. 8

5.0 Moving Trailers - New and Existing. 8

6.0 Specific Trailer Requirements. 8

6.1 Size Restrictions. 8

6.2 Age of Trailers. 8

6.3 Skirts. 8

6.4 Wheels and Tongue. 8

6.5 Black and Grey Water. 8

6.6 Propane Tanks. 9

7.0 Lot Regulations. 9

7.1 Lot Maintenance. 9

7.2 Natural Habitat. 9

8.0 Lot Utilities and Services: 9

8.1 Potable Water. 9

8.2 Hydro. 9

8.3 Washers & Dryers. 10

9.0 Lot Enhancement and/or Modification. 10

9.1 Decks. 10

9.2 Sunrooms. 10

9.3 Sheds. 10

9.4 Fire Pits. 11

9.5 Fences and Hedges: 11

10.0 Motorized Vehicles. 11

10.1 Registration. 11


10.3 Cars and Trucks. 11

10.4 Golf Carts. 12

10.5 ATV’s, Dirt Bikes & Motorcycles. 12

10.6 Vehicle Parking and Storage. 12

11.0 Garbage Disposal 12

12.0 Safety. 13

13.0 Waterfront. 13

13.1 General 13

13.2 Watercraft & Docking. 14

14.0 Public Washrooms. 14

15.0 Pets. 14

16.0 Grievances/Complaints. 15

17.0 Access Gate. 16


This handbook along with the Annual Trailer Lot Lease as well as the Terms and Conditions form the agreement between Pleasant Bay Bible Conference Grounds Inc. and Trailer Site Lease Holders.  They are designed to help Pleasant Bay Camp fulfil its mission, maintain high spiritual standards, avoid misunderstanding and ensure the safety, protection, and comfort of all our campers.


Mission & Vision

To offer a family atmosphere setting that provides for both the personal and

Biblical needs of those who spend time with us.


Mission Rules

Because PBC is first and foremost a place of spiritual ministry and enrichment, the following apply:

  1. Residents are expected to maintain a lifestyle based upon and consistent with biblical example and the mandates outlined in the PBC by-laws.
  2. The ministry of PBC centres on the Word of God; therefore, it is encouraged that residents and guests will attend and support the chapel services at PBC. Parents should seek to have their children participate in the Children and Youth ministries available.
  3. The waterfront will be closed during Chapel hours on Sunday. Sunday is a day of rest and therefore, manual work is discouraged.
  4. Offensive language and profanity are not permitted at PBC.
  5. The consumption of Alcoholic Beverages at PBC is prohibited.
  6. Smoking is discouraged but permitted in the privacy of the occupant’s campsite.
  7. The use on non-medical drugs is strictly prohibited on the PBC grounds
  8. Residents and guest are expected to use Christian moral discretion in the choice of attire, swim wear and sportswear. Swimsuit coverups are required when walking through the campgrounds.


PBC is committed to operating the Trailer Park within the confines of the municipal bylaws governing area trailer parks. Our commitment is to the safety and comfort of our campers therefore, the following apply:

Operational Rules


  1. ON-SEASON:  May 1st through October 31st.  During the On-Season, PBC will be regularly staffed, and all services as described in this handbook are available.
  2. OFF-SEASON: All dates outside the “On-Season”.  During the Off-Season, PBC is not staffed nor are any of the services listed in this handbook offered.


  1. ON-SEASON: All the following services, policies and procedures contained in this document apply to camp usage during the On-Season. 
  2. OFF-SEASON:  Lessees may visit and/or occupy their trailer during the off-season at their discretion however, the following provisos apply:
  1. Trailers are for seasonal use only, are not mobile homes, and cannot be used as a permanent or principal residence.
  2. Lessees understand and agree that there will be absolutely no expectation of any services that are provided during the on-season, including available staff and they shall not contact camp staff unless there is an emergency.
  3. Lessees agree that there shall be no expectation of any snow removal.
  4. Black water (sewage/waste) dumps at the bathrooms are not to be used.
  5. Any stay exceeding (7) seven nights shall be approved by the Board of Directors in advance.
  6. The Lessee(s) acknowledge that they have willingly assumed, without restriction, all risks arising out of their use of the site and the campground at PBC during the Off-Season.


1.0 Site Registration & General Rules:

  1. Lessees must submit a completed Annual Trailer Lot Lease form before May 1st of the given year (the start of the On-Season) to secure your site.
  2. In consideration of others, quiet time is between 11:00 pm and 8:00 am.
  3. PBC assumes no liability for any damage, theft, fire, vandalism, etc. to your trailer or belongings. Occupants must maintain sufficient property and liability insurance for their trailer and belongings.

1.1 Visitors/Overnight Guests:


  • NON-REGISTERED FAMILY MEMBERS:  This includes the Lessee’s parents, grandparents, in-laws, grandchildren, and non-dependant children.
  • GUESTS:  This includes anyone not registered on the Lessee’s Annual Trailer Lot Lease form who is not a “Non-Registered Family member” as described above.
  • All visitors must be registered with the camp manager prior to arrival at the camp.
  • Lessee’s must provide the Camp Manager with the following information for visitors:
    • Names of all visitors & whether they are Guests or Non-Registered Family members.
    • Expected length of stay.
    • Make, model, colour, and license plate number of any vehicles.
    • Any pets accompanying visitors.  The Lessee hereby undertakes and agrees that they will inform any visitors attending their site with maximum (1) one visiting pet as to all rules and regulations as published in the “Pet Agreement” found in the Annual Trailer Lot Lease form and in section “15 – Pets” of this manual.   This must be communicated to them prior to their arrival.  The Lessee is responsible for the observance of the pet rules and regulations by their visitors.
  • Non-Registered Family Members may use the Lessee’s trailer if the registered occupant(s) are not present
  • Lessees must ensure that no one under the age of 18 have use of the trailer without an adult chaperone
  • The Lessee hereby undertakes and agrees that they will inform any visitors attending their site as to all rules and regulations as published in this Campground Handbook.   This must be communicated to them prior to their arrival.  The Lessee is responsible for the observance of these rules and regulations as well as the Terms & Conditions of the lease, by their visitors.


2.0 Applying to Lease a Trailer Lot

The potential Lessee must contact the Family Camp Manager to apply.

  1. The Family Camp Manager will set up a brief interview with the potential Lessee.
  2. Following approval or rejection, the applicant is notified in writing or by phone.
  3. Successful applicants will be added to the waiting list.


3.0 Term, Payment, & Fees

3.1 Term of Lot Lease

[IC1] The term of the lease is (1) one year and runs from the 1st of May of the year indicated on the online Annual Trailer Lot Lease form through to the 30th of April the following year.  Leases are renewable solely at the option of Pleasant Bay Camp.

3.2 Fees

Lessees will be invoiced annually in early spring per the fee schedule found on the camp website.  Payment must be made in full by the payment due date.

3.3 Overdue fees

Any charges or payments overdue by 90 days from the payment due date shall be charged interest at 10% of the total overdue.

A fee of $50.00 will be charged on all NSF cheques

3.4 Accounts in Arrears

Should an account remain in arrears beyond 6 months of the payment due date, the property on the lot is subject to removal & storage at PBC’s discretion, per the Terms & Conditions of the lease.  The Lessee indemnifies PBC from any loss or damage to property being removed/stored under these circumstances and all associated costs for removal & storage shall be invoiced to the Lessee. 


4.0 Transferring Lots/Selling Trailers/New Trailers & Lot Use Policy

The Board of Directors of Pleasant Bay Camp reserves the right of control over all lot usage.

4.1 Ending a Lease:

When a lessee decides to discontinue leasing their lot, the following steps will apply:

  • Lessees must notify the Family Camp manager of their intentions to no longer lease their lot and whether they wish to sell the trailer/property currently on the lot.
  • Interested parties from the waiting list will be contacted by the Family Camp Manager in order of priority and will have the option of taking the lot with or without the current lessee’s trailer and property and is under no obligation to purchase the current lessee’s trailer/property.  The current lessee cannot solicit other potential lessees outside of the process outlined in section 4.0.
  • Should the candidate not want to purchase the current lessee’s trailer/property but wants the lot, the current lessee must remove their trailer/property from the lot by the date agreed to with the Family Camp Manager for the current lease to end. 


4.2 Selling/Moving a Trailer into the Park or Onto a Different Lot

  • Trailers that are new to the park or that are to be sold within the park, will require the written approval of the Family Camp Manager if the age of the trailer is more than 20 years old. This policy is to ensure that older trailers are structurally safe and well maintained for continued use at Pleasant Bay Camp.
  • An administration fee of $200 will be charged to the lessee prior to the sale of any trailer within the park.
  • All sales are negotiated between the two parties. This includes the apportionment of any existing fees paid by the seller to PBC for that season, including annual fees, utilities, etc.
  • Any outstanding fees at the time of the sale will be the responsibility of the new lessee.
  • The onus rests with the buyer to confirm with the Family Camp Manager that there are no outstanding invoices on the trailer in question. Pleasant Bay assumes no responsibility for the transaction.
  • Both buyer and seller must notify the Family Camp Manager of the transaction. The office will then update the records and notify the Board.


4.2 Selling a trailer to an outside buyer

  • Lessees may choose to solicit the sale of the property outside the camp.
  • Prior to advertising the property, the lessee must inform the Family Camp Manager in writing.
  • An administration fee of $200 will be charged to the lessee prior to the sale of any trailer to an outside buyer.
  • Once the sale is complete, ALL property must be removed from the lot within a week of the sale.  Alternative arrangements for when the property is to be removed may be approved by the Family Camp Manager.
  • The lessee may choose to keep their current lot or to forgo the remainder of their current lease.  If they chose to forgo their lease the procedures in “4.1” above will apply.
  • No refund of any fees whatsoever will be remitted to the current lessee.


4.3 Multiple Lots

Upon obtaining  a second unit to be put on another lot, the Lessee has 90 days from the date of procurement to either sell the unit as described above, or the empty site is returned to Pleasant Bay Inc.


4.4 Multi-RV Restrictions

  • Only one recreational vehicle may be set up on each lot.
  • One tent may be set-up on a temporary basis.


4.5 Subletting

  • SUBLETTING: is the re-renting of property by an existing tenant to a new third-party for a portion of the tenants existing lease contract.
  • Subletting is strictly prohibited.


5.0 Moving Trailers - New and Existing

Note:  Moving of trailers shall only occur between April - June and September - October, Monday - Saturday.

  • ALL trailer movements, new and existing must be pre-approved by the Family Camp Manager.
  • A written description detailing the move must be submitted to the Family Camp Manager prior to the move.
  • The cost of moving trailers is outlined in the Family Camp Fee Schedule.
  • Applications for a move must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the intended date of move.
  • New and existing trailers must fit within the dimensions of the lot and be directionally parallel with the road in front of the unit.
  • The cleaning up of the old site is the responsibility of the Lessee whose trailer has been moved from that site.
  • Lessees will be invoiced for the cost of any lots left uncleaned upon moving.


6.0 Specific Trailer Requirements

6.1 Size Restrictions

The maximum size for RVs including park models is 40’ x 12’.

6.2 Age of Trailers

Trailers that are new to the park or that are to be sold within the park, will require the written approval of the President of the Board of Directors if the age of the trailer is more than 20 years old. This policy is to ensure that older trailers are structurally safe and well maintained for continued use at Pleasant Bay Camp.

6.3 Skirts

Travel trailers may have skirts providing skirting material is aesthetically pleasing.  Skirting is encouraged for trailers sitting more than 24” off the ground.

6.4 Wheels and Tongue

Wheels may not be removed.  Tongue may be removed from park models but need to be stored and readily available.

6.5 Black and Grey Water

All trailers and park models must have a factory installed black water (human waste) holding tank. Grey water, (primarily sink and shower water) may be discharged by current municipal standards. Any issues arising must be fixed by the Lessee at their own expense.  Sewage dump stations are located at the upper and lower bathrooms.

6.6 Propane Tanks

For safety reasons, propane tanks must be properly and securely attached to the unit. Extra tanks must be stored out of sight in a safe location away from the access of children. Expired must be disposed of according to local municipal laws by the Lessee.


7.0 Lot Regulations


7.1 Lot Maintenance

Lessees are responsible for the general upkeep of their lot.  At a minimum this means mowing the grass but may include personal gardening. Pleasant Bay Camp will clear unsightly lots at the expense of the Lessee. The costs are listed in the Family Camp Fee Schedule.


7.2 Natural Habitat

Trees may not be cut down except with written permission from the Family Camp Manager regardless of the tree’s location. This does not mean regular maintenance and pruning of personal plants on a Lessee’s lot.


8.0 Lot Utilities and Services:

8.1 Potable Water

  • Potable water will be provided to each site by Pleasant Bay Camp, the cost of which is included in the annual fee.
  • Tap water must be used conservatively to ensure the supply lasts all summer and to limit the cost of filtering and treatment at a sustainable level.
  • Lessees are expected to make every effort to use water sources other than the potable water system, such as pumping directly from the lake, where available, for the following purposes:
    • Trailers may be washed once per year.
    • Use of potable water for the upkeep of grass shall be limited to establishing new growth only, and only between April – May and September – October.
    • Established grass is not to be watered using the potable water system.
    • Plants shall only be watered using potable water on a minimal basis to keep plants alive.
    • During any time where water levels are low, potable water shall not be used to clean trailers or to water plants or grass in any case.
  • Potable water is not to be used to wash personal vehicles.


8.2 Hydro

Hydro Meters are installed on each site and will be read and monitored on a regular basis. An invoice will be forwarded to each Lessee to be paid in full by the date stated.  These costs may fluctuate annually based on the cost of such services and the maintenance of the on-site systems to deliver these services to lessees.

Modifications made to the Hydro Meter or Hydro Services supplied to your site are strictly prohibited.


8.3 Washers & Dryers

  • Machines are provided for your convenience; they are located at the back of the upper washrooms.
  • A fee to use the machines is required.  The fee is posted in the laundry room.  Please use the drop box provided to remit the fee.


9.0 Lot Enhancement and/or Modification

  • Includes any of the items listed below.
  • Prior to making any enhancements or modifications to their lot, lessees must print the Lot Modification Form (found on the PBC website) and submit the completed form to the Camp Manager.
  • Written approval must be received prior to beginning any work.
  • Work must conform to current municipal and camp guidelines and comply with the Terms & Conditions of the lease.
  • Approvals will be completed as quickly as possible.
  • PBC does not assume responsibility for violation of municipal bylaws on the site by lessees.
  • NOTE:  Any Construction must take place between April - June and/or September - October.

9.1 Decks

  • Decks will not exceed 40’ in length or 12’ in depth for maximum size.
  • Decks will be constructed from Pressure Treated Wood, Cedar, or Composite Decking Material only.
  • Pallets shall not be used in any way as decking or in deck construction.
  • Decks must meet safety standards and be maintained.
  • A lot Enhancement Application must be submitted and approved prior to any construction per 9.0

9.2 Sunrooms

  • Only Factory Built Sunrooms which are specifically engineered for trailers and park models to withstand snow load for this area are permitted.
  • Sunrooms will not exceed 12’ depth and length will not exceed the length of the trailer or what has been approved by the Family Camp Manager.
  • A lot Enhancement Application must be submitted and approved prior to any construction per 9.0

9.3 Sheds

  • Sheds will not exceed 100 sq. ft and will have maximum dimensions of 12’ long and 8’ high.
  • Sheds must be maintained and be visually pleasing to the park.
  • Sheds will be located at the rear of the lot.
  • Only one shed is permitted per site.
  • Sheds must be built to withstand four-season weather conditions.

Pleasant Bay Camp assumes no responsibility for damage to sheds that need to be relocated to allow maintenance or upgrades to the water and/or electrical systems. Sufficient notice will be given prior to any requirement to move a shed or deck in these cases.

9.4 Fire Pits

  • All fire pits must be set away from any structure by a minimum distance of 10’
  • All lessees must ensure that a fire pit is able to safely contain the fire.
  • Campfires are subject to Ministry of Natural Resources and any seasonal restrictions that may from time to time be put into place. Any such fire restrictions in force in the area will apply to all Lessees and guests. Fire Bans will be posted in a visible location. Please check regularly during dry seasons.
  • Fires MUST always be attended by an adult. Children should not be left unattended.
  • Fires must be completely extinguished before leaving the area.
  • Any burning, other than campfires, will be carried out by camp staff only with the proper burning permit in place.

9.5 Fences and Hedges:

  • Fences and hedges are not permitted.
  • A hedge is any row of shrubs over 24” high.
  • Pleasant Bay Camp assumes no responsibility for damage to hedges if it is necessary to dig them up for maintenance to hydro or water lines.
  • Sufficient notice will be given to the lessee to make arrangements to have the hedge removed.


10.0 Motorized Vehicles

  • The Highway Traffic Act applies to all motor vehicles operated on all Pleasant Bay Campgrounds.
  • Adherence to posted speed limits must be observed at all times.

10.1 Registration:

All motor vehicles must be registered via the online Annual Trailer Lot Lease form.


  • Within the campground — Walking speed OR MAXIMUM 20 Km/h.
  • A warning will be given once. After the second offence the camper will be require to park in one of the parking areas only.

10.3 Cars and Trucks

  • All age, license and insurance regulations apply and are strictly enforced.
  • Non-licensed driving is not permitted on any Pleasant Bay Camp property.
  • The vehicle must be licensed for the highway, have a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance and may only be driven on roads within the camp.
  • Passengers are not permitted to ride on laps in any vehicle or in the back of a truck on camp property.

10.4 Golf Carts

  • All golf carts must be registered with the Camp Office and have a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance.
  • Golf carts will be driven on roads only.
  • Golf cart drivers must be a minimum of 16 years old.
  • The number of people permitted on the vehicle will be determined by the number of seats provided.
  • Standing passengers are prohibited.
  • The vehicle’s owner will be responsible for any activity of that vehicle on Pleasant Bay Camp Property.

10.5 ATV’s, Dirt Bikes & Motorcycles

  • All the above must be registered via the online Annual Trailer Lot Lease form filled in at the beginning of each camp season.
  • ATV’s must have a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance and may only be driven on roads while within the trailer park.
  • All drivers must be appropriately licensed to operate the vehicle and be a minimum of 16 years old.
  • The driver and all passengers must wear the required safety equipment while riding on the vehicle.

10.6 Vehicle Parking and Storage

  • One vehicle is permitted to be parked at each lot.
  • Visitor and overflow parking is provided at the Chapel and in the Upper Parking area.
  • Vehicles must be parked in a way that does not obstruct the view of other campers.
  • Boats are not allowed on camp sites during camping season.
  • Boat storage is provided in the upper field holding area.
  • Utility trailers will be stored in the field holding area not on camp sites.


11.0 Garbage Disposal

  • A garbage bin is provided for general household garbage disposal.
  • Garbage must be bagged and deposited in the bin. Please ensure you get the garbage in the bin and close the lid to discourage racoons and other wild animals.
  • This bin is meant for garbage while at the camp. Do not bring garbage from home and deposit in the camp bin. Remember, the cost ultimately goes back to your annual fees.
  • Non-household garbage, such as furniture, hazardous waste, construction materials and other large items are not permitted and must be disposed of by the lessee off-site.
  • A burn pile is located via the road leading south off the back field.
    • This area is NOT A DUMP and is provided for the disposal of FIBROUS materials ONLY such as wooden scrap, cardboard, and yard waste.
    • All other items are not to be dumped here and are to be properly disposed of as described above.


12.0 Safety

All Lessees are expected to adhere to general safety expectations of Pleasant Bay Camp for their own safety and that of others. This include but is not limited to the following:

  • Any refrigerators or freezers not inside a trailer must be in a locked shed to avoid being a hazard to children.
  • Bicycles:  Campers under the age of 18 must wear helmets.
  • Lessees are NOT to adjust, change or modify any camp electrical breakers or panels under any circumstances.
  • Firearms are prohibited on PBC property between April 1st - October 31st.  Permission will be granted for the use of firearms on PBC property on a case-by-case basis outside the above dates.  Those wishing to seek said permission must apply to the Board of Directors in writing.  All firearms brought onto PBC property where permission is granted, must be contained in a case and use a trigger lock while not in use.  Those granted permission to use firearms on PBC property shall carry their own personal liability insurance covering the use of firearms.
  • Any extension cords used outdoors must be approved for outdoor use and must not create a potential safety hazard. Cords must not be placed in the way of lawn mowing equipment.
  • Bunkhouses (additional structures in which people sleep) are strictly forbidden at Pleasant Bay Family Camp as per County bylaws. A tent is allowed on a temporary basis only.
  • Coverall-type structures (structures with tarping) are not permitted for storage on individual’s lots or public areas such as the back fields during the On-Season.
  • Fireworks are prohibited unless authorized by the Camp Manager for public displays.

13.0 Waterfront

13.1 General

  • Pleasant Bay Camp provides and maintains waterfront areas for camper’s use. This includes the Beach Swimming area, Beach Playground area, Kayak and Canoe storage, Boat Launch, Docks, and Swim Rafts.
  • Boats are only to be operated by licensed boat operators. Boat license cards and safety kits are required in each vessel. Provincial boating laws and requirements are the responsibility of the operator.
  • Absolutely no boat shall dock at the swim rafts.
  • Absolutely no boat shall enter swimming area.   The swimming area includes the area surrounding the swimming rafts. If waterskiing or tubing, the area on the outside of the docks away from the swimming area shall be used to drop skiers and tubers off.
  • Dock spaces are not automatically included as part of a trailer lot lease.
  • Beach equipment and toys must not be left on the beach at the end of the day.
  • For safety reasons, large holes dug in the sand are to be filled back in prior to leaving the beach.
  • The entire PBC waterfront area is unsupervised.  Users make use of these areas AT THEIR OWN RISK.  Children must never be left unattended in these areas.
  • Fishing from the docks, swim rafts or beach area is prohibited.
  • Please report any safety or maintenance concerns immediately to the Maintenance Manager or the Family Camp Manager.

13.2 Watercraft & Docking

  • WATERCRAFT: include any powered or non-powered vehicle used in the water. This includes all canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and paddle boats.
  • All Watercraft must be registered each year via the online Annual Trailer Lot Lease Form.
  • The use of any waterfront area or the upper field to store any watercraft for the season is permitted on an annual basis.
  • Users will be invoiced per the fee schedule annually.
  • There are a limited number of spaces available on the docks. Users wishing to use a dock space must apply via the online Annual Trailer Lot Lease form.
  • Dock spaces will be granted to watercraft on an “as needed” basis.
  • Preferred location on docks will be determined based on the following order of priority:
    • Depth of draught
    • Less maneuverability
    • Greater maneuverability
    • Seniority
  • Watercraft may be moored to a buoy during the On-Season and shall be positioned so as not to create a hazard to other vessels in the area or so as not to impede the docking or undocking of other vessels.
  • Watercraft may be beached along the shoreline during the On-Season and shall be positioned so as not to create a hazard to other vessels in the area or so as not to impede the docking or undocking of other vessels.
    • Watercraft are not to be beached within the swim area.
  • Small watercraft shall be stored on the provided racks at the waterfront.  Rack spaces are granted on an annual basis to those who have registered watercraft. 
  • Watercraft on racks shall not be rearranged by users as those spaces have been paid for by users.


14.0 Public Washrooms

  • Public washrooms will be cleaned on a regular basis and therefore will be closed during those times.
  • Please do not leave the bathroom untidy when you leave. Make sure the paper towels are put in the waste basket and personal items are taken with you.
  • Please do not leave children unattended in the bathrooms or showers.
  • Please be considerate of others with the length of your showers. (Ultimately the hot water costs are included in your annual fees.)
  • A portable toilet is provided at the waterfront.

15.0 Pets

  • Family pets are permitted on the grounds subject to the following regulations.  Failure to comply with these rules could result in the pet being expelled from Family Camp.
    • All reasonable attempts to resolve nuisance pet behavioural issues will be made prior to expulsion.
    • Any aggressive pet behaviour shall subject the pet to immediate expulsion.
    • Expulsions must be approved by the Board of directors.
  • All pets must be registered with Pleasant Bay Camp via the online Annual Trailer Lot Lease form.
  • Certified service animals must be registered the same as all other pets.  Owners must provide proof of certification for their pet to be considered a “service animal”.
    • All rules under “15.0 Pets” apply to service animals except for the following:
    • There are no limitations on numbers of service animals per lot or where they are permitted to go on PBC property.
  • In general, only one (1) dog per site is permitted.
    • Visitors with (1) dog may bring the total number of dogs permitted to (2) on a strictly temporary basis while the visitor attends PBC.
  • All pets, including pets brought by visitors, must have up to date shots.  A copy of their vaccination record must submitted each year along with the Annual Trailer Lot Lease form.
  • Owners are responsible to "stoop and scoop" anywhere on PBC property, including their lots, forested pathways, and the back field.
  • Owners must not place scoop bags in public garbage cans around the campgrounds. They must be disposed of with your trailer garbage in the garbage bin.
  • Every effort must be made to keep pets quiet.  Excessive noise will not be tolerated.
  • Dogs must always be kept under control and on a leash.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the playground area.
  • Dogs must not be left outside and unattended at any time.
  • Any damages caused by pets will be repaired at the Lessee’s expense.
  • Dogs are not allowed at the beach at any time.
  • There are no limitations on the number of cats allowed in a trailer provided the following:
    • Cats must not be allowed outside of their trailers off-leash.
    • Litter must be disposed of in the garbage bin.


16.0 Grievances/Complaints

  • All grievances and complaints (related to the campground) will be handled through the Board of Directors.
  • Except for immediate safety issues, all complaints must be made in writing. Verbal complaints will not be accepted.
  • All complaints will be acknowledged upon receipt and every reasonable effort will be made to resolve the grievance within 2 weeks.
  • The following guidelines should be considered when submitting complaints:

Urgent Safety Issues:

Any complaints/issues related to the safety of individuals on the property will be dealt with immediately. Issues of this nature should be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors or the Family Camp Manager.

Non-safety Issues/Complaints:

Campers are respectfully encouraged to pray and to wait 24hrs prior to submitting their complaint.


17.0 Access Gate

  • Access codes will be issued to lessees by the Family Camp Manager.
  • Codes must not be shared with anyone outside of those registered on the Annual Trailer Lot Lease form
  • Registered visitors will be issued a temporary code by the Family Camp Manager.

 [IC1]Sites are not rented, they are leased.