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Back in 1963, Pleasant Bay Children's Camp was founded to meet the spiritual needs of children and young people.  Our goal is still to make Christ known.  Kids will be told of their need of a Saviour; they will be built up as they are encouraged to know Him more.   They will be challenged to continually seek Him first and to stand firm in their Christian faith. 

Each evening, a speaker shares with the kids from the Bible.   This could be learning about a specific character and how God drew them to Him and used them, or a theme such as God's mercy. 

There will be plenty of other opportunities to address individual questions as they arise.   Each morning, after breakfast, there will be a 15 minute devotional before we start the day. 



Kids will Explore an environment rich in fun, rich in relationships, rich in beauty; God's love.

They will Discover new skills, new friends, a new perspective; God's grace.

They'll have an opportunity to Grow in strength, character, passion, and in the knowledge of God.






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