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Our 2018 Camp dates can be found under the "KIDS CAMP TAB"
Pleasant Bay Camp boasts picturesque views of Lake Ontario and peaceful beaches.
Make friendships that will last a lifetime!
Pleasant Bay Camp is "An Experience to Remember!"



Family Camp Trailer Lessees & Cottage Lessees
A reminder to Register your Lot and Emergency Contact information at the beginning of each season online located under the tab " Annual Trailer Lot Lease (Annual Registration)".
Please review and be familiar with the Campground Handbook and Cottage Lot Rules and Regulations annually.
located under the tab - Campground Handbook

Trailer park & Cottage lessees must maintain sufficient property and liability insurance for their trailer and/or cottage property including personal belongings, and register that information online each year through the online form.

Family Camp (Annual Fee Schedule) 2022 

Family Camp Trailer Leases

Seasonal Camp Site Lot Fee                     $ 1,605.00

Monthly Camp Site Lot Fee                      $    795.00    

Weekly Camp Site Lot Fee                       $    250.00

Daily Camp Site Lot Fee  (no service's)     $      30.00

Daily Camp Site Fee's (with hydro/water) $     50.00

Trailer Sales Administration Fee               $   200.00 

Infrastructure Fee                                   $   500.00 (one-time infrastructure improvement fee)

Camp Tractor/Operator Fee's  (tractor use by camp authorized operators/staff only)

Operator/Tractor Service Fee                   $    200.00   (to move trailer units or other)  4 hour block of time (New)

Operator/Tractor Boat Launch Ramp Fee  $     25.00 per time (Camp Tractor/Staff assisted)

Other Fee's

Self serve Boat Launch Fee                      $     10.00 per (once in/once out) applies to non-seasonal camp docking 

Unattended Lot Maintenance Fee                   Fee of $ 50.00 per hour

                                                                     (may include the following as determined by Family Camp Staff)

                                                                     (2 written warnings and/or phone contact's will be given)

                                                                      A minimum charge of $ 50.00 will be applied.

                                                                     (a) grass cutting per time if not kept cut ( May to October )

                                                                     (b) removal of unsightly garbage (per time) 

                                                                     (c) lot clean-up and removal of personal property upon leaving camp                                                                                                                                   

Cottage Lease Fees

To Qualifying Leaseholds  5% increase as per leasehold agreement

Hydro Fees Family Camp

Estimated @ $ 0.22/Kwh, this is a guideline, hydro fees will be adjusted to actual calculated rate.

Daily Visitors

 Visitors (guests) using Family Camp facilities/property. 

                                    Daily and or Overnight Guest's                 $  30.00 for the camping season

Docking Fee's

​Seasonal docking fee (includes unlimited boat launch use)           $   80.00

​Seasonal two boats/docking fee  (unlimited boat launch use)        $ 120.00

​Weekly docking fee                                                                     $   20.00

​Shore-line use / on-shore storage small water craft                      

​(includes but not limited to: row boats, sail boats, canoe's, kayaks, etc.)

​Seasonal Fee                                                                                $   30.00

​Weekly Fee                                                                                  $   10.00

​Daily Fee                                                                                     $     5.00

Family Camp ​Facilities & Property Rental Use

(Family Camp Chapel for weddings, family reunions, symposiums, special events)

Contact the Family Camp Manager for Rates and availability.

Please take note: (alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all PBC property)


Please inquire through the P.B.C. Family Camp Manager

General Camp Office Administration

Family Camp Office Hours

Hours of operation

Monday through Saturday

9:00 am to 12:00 noon

4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

During the time the office is closed please call


and leave a message

Judy Hannah

Judy@pleasantbaycamp.org or 613-920-5878