Pleasant Bay Camp - Food


Food can be the centre of camp life.  It brings cabin mates together as they sit around the table and discuss their plans for cabin clean up, highlights of their day, or strategies for the evening game.
The bell tolls for all events at PBC and campers run most enthusiastically towards the dining hall when they know it's time to eat.  They charge their batteries with healthy and delicious food that meets Canadian Recommendations for the four food groups while being kid friendly at the same time.

If you have camped at PBC in the past year we welcome you to comment on our food, make suggestions and submit recipes for your favourite dishes.  (Of course they need to be recipes that are easily made for large quantities and meet kid friendly requirements.)
Each camper recieves healthy and delicious meals three times a day.  There is a lot of variety offered for pickier eaters and afternoon Tuck snacks are included in the registration fee.  Fresh fruit and sometimes cookies or other treats are offered in the evenings after chapel to satisfy growing appetites. 

Meal Times 

Meals are served at the same time each day.  Breakfast is at 8:00am, lunch is served at noon and supper is served at 5:30pm.  The campers also have a snack at 'Tuck Time' and can select from a variety of beverages and treats to keep them energized throughout the afternoon.  The cost of tuck is included in the camper's registration fee.


We are sensitive to the allergies of our campers and provide alternative meals when required.   We are a nut aware facility and do not include any sort of nuts in our food preparation. 
Please make us aware of any camper allergies using the medical form and through communication with our nurse.  Every effort will be made to accomodate your child.  If you would like to bring special food for your child we will also store and prepare that for them during their stay with us.