Pleasant Bay Kids Camp

Pleasant Bay Kids' new Camp Director

Tracy Croll

Hi! We are Charles and Tracy Croll and we are super excited to take on this new role of directors for the Pleasant Bay Children’s Camp. We just can’t wait for summer! Our professional backgrounds are in education (high school, and teacher/consultant for special education K-18), civil engineering, municipal and asset management. While Charles became a Christian as an adult, Tracy is the daughter of a pastor and became a Christian as a child in the UK where she lived until 14 years ago. Collectively, in the church body we have worked with kids, teens, women’s groups, men’s breakfasts, property administration, song-leading, attending/leading a variety of different camps down through the years.  We live and worship right in the Quinte area so we’re well placed year-round to work on the vision for building up Pleasant Bay Camp to reach more kids and teens in order to be able to share the life-saving news of Jesus Christ!

Charles’ absolute favourite food in the world is pizza, especially on weekdays and weekends. He is terrified of spiders, even tiny ones, but he is very attached to the family cat! Charles began his camping life in provincial parks with family before moving on to scouts (both as a child and adult - father/son) and family camps; he would have never believed that a sealed camping knife/fork/spoon set could ever get him arrested – it just so happened to be at Manchester Airport where he was deemed to be ‘knowingly carrying aboard a prohibited weapon’! That wasn’t his only brush with the law though – as a teen he stopped an armed robbery!

Tracy’s memorable moments include cycling in Holland, spending a day on a scooter in Rome, riding an elephant in India while on a school trip, and running a half marathon. Subsequently, Tracy went to the 2012 Olympics– it was only as a spectator though and unfortunately it was a game of soccer (and GB lost to S Korea), but it was a great way to catch up with ‘grown-and-flown’ sons. She is a survivor of a horseback riding incident – her second time on the horse, it took off and didn’t stop despite her yelling “Stop! Stop!” – and then it jumped the hedge!   

While on a working trip in the States last year, we had to take the last room in the hotel – unfortunately, it was a 3000sq ft. luxury Celebrity Suite – so now that we are used to the ‘high life’ we’re totally expecting the same experience this summer at Pleasant Bay!! What do you mean ‘No’??

We really can’t wait to meet and know you all.   We’re looking forward to having lots of fun while we learn about, and grow in, our faith in the Lord Jesus!

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