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Waivers and Conditions of Registration

Pleasant Bay Children’s Camp is a Christian camp and we require all guests to respect and adhere to our standards while on the campgrounds or involved in camp activities. No profanity, illegal drugs, smoking, marijuana in all its forms,  or alcoholic beverages will be tolerated. We appreciate and expect modest apparel on the grounds and in the water ( swimsuits only, no bikinis).

1. The parents or guardians submitting this application are those having legal custody over the camper. Conditions of Custody, if applicable, will be fully communicated in writing to Pleasant Bay Children’s Camp.

2. The parent/guardian is responsible to ensure the camper is covered by Provincial or equivalent health insurance and communicate the details to the camp.

3. As parent/guardian I give camp officials authority to act on my behalf in case of emergency.

4. I agree to release and indemnify Pleasant Bay Children’s Camp from any and all claims for losses of articles and damages arising as a result of accident, injury or otherwise sustained while participating in any camp activity by the child or children herein registered.  I release the camp of all health care responsibilities.

5. I agree to make all payments required in accordance with the rate schedule in effect on the date of registration, to abide by the conditions of enrolment and the refund policy herein. NSF cheques are subject to a $35.00 service fee and must be replaced by a certified cheque or cash.

(2% Per Month, 24% Per Year Interest will be charged on unpaid balances after June 1st.)

REFUNDS – Cancellation more than two weeks prior to camp – full refund less the $100.00 deposit. No refund will be made with less than two weeks notice or for dismissal due to disciplinary action. No refund will be made for late arrival or early departure.

The directors of Pleasant Bay Children’s Camp reserve the right to terminate the registration of any camper when it is deemed by the directors to be in the best interests of the camper or the camp. A proportionate refund may be made at the discretion of the directors, but no refund will be provided if registration is terminated due to undisclosed information that should have been provided to ensure the safety of both themselves or other campers/camp staff.

6. I, the parent/guardian, of the camper consent to the use by Pleasant Bay Children’s Camp of the camper’s likeness (photograph/video) for the purposes of promotion.    

7. I, the parent/guardian, agree to allow the camper to participate in all camp activities and in any supervised trip to places not on camp property.

8.  COVID 19 Disclaimer

Pleasant Bay Camp recognizes that COVID 19 is a real concern for parents, children, staff and Pleasant Bay Camp Directors. We as an organization therefore cannot be responsible should anyone that comes to our Camp contracts COVID 19 and/or comes in contact with anyone who is positive for COVID 19. That being said Pleasant Bay Camp will endeavour to follow all Public Health and Government guideline to keep everyone safe.


Waivers for Water-ski, Wake-board, and Tubing

ALL campers are given the opportunity to try water-skiing and wake-board, and take part in tubing even if they do not sign up for waterski camp.

Anyone (water--ski campers, overnight campers, day campers, family camp campers, staff etc) who would like to participate in these activities will be required to sign a W.S.W.C. waiver form in order to participate.  

For participants 17 and under, the form must be signed by parent /guardian.   Participants 18 years or older must sign the form for themselves.

Unless the waiver is signed no child or adult will be able to take part in water-ski, wake-board, or tubing. Please visit this link to access the form which will need to be printed out and signed.  When it has been completed please scan your completed form and attach to email to:



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